Monday, January 24, 2011

Nature Games for Kids

What are your favorite outdoor games?

Nature Net has great suggestions on fun ways to engage kids outside. From leaf rubbings and windchimes, to scat tracking and bird calls, these activities are great for kids (and adults!) of any age.

The Animal Game (which consists of thinking of an animal and getting other players to guess it - as described here) is another simple classic.

Other fun ideas include:
  • collecting nature smells in small jars or unused film canisters and having others guess what they are.
  • cloud gazing or star gazing. Who can find the most shapes or constellations?
  • using magnifying glasses or your own eyes to see who can spot the most bugs in one tree/leaf pile/cup of soil/patch of grass.
  • sack races, May poles, tag and other fun games will get your kids running around and burning off energy!
Comment below with some of your family or schoolyard favorites!


  1. Hey playing are the rights of kids, in their age they will play, kids playing indoor games are less efficient than kids playing outdoor games, coz their immunit increases playing outside, sitting in one place in front of screen and playing doesnt help kids..
    so i suggest people to plz allow and force their kids to play outdoor games...

  2. Great ideas! This is something we need to work on. Nature games are very important for kids. Theses will really help in kid physical & mental development.
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