Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Intern Introduction!

Hello from the newest Nature Net intern!

I love to fish! 
My name is Melanie Shibley and I'm a senior at UW majoring in Zoology. I moved to Wisconsin for college, originally being from Minnesota, and took my love of nature with me!

My whole life I was set on becoming the next Steve Irwin, wrangling snakes, mice, toads and every bug imaginable in my back yard. All through my school career, it has stunned me how little my peers knew and cared about the natural world. Upon graduating high school, I decided I wanted to do something about it! And here I am now, helping spread knowledge and love for nature through blog posts, newsletters, Facebook posts, and more. I am excited to be a part of this team and I can't wait to get working. :)

A little about myself:

- I love reptiles! I own a Corn Snake, a Crested Gecko and once I move into my new apartment, a Boa Constrictor! If I had the space and money I'd buy a Burmese family thinks I am crazy.

George the gecko. He's still a baby, and very jumpy!
Nilla the corn snake. She has no red or black pigment,
so she's bubblegum pink! 
- I write a comic for the Daily Cardinal paper, called Scribbles 'n' Bits (which sometimes features animals).

- I'm in the UW Marching band, as a trumpet player. I would say look for me on the field, but once we're in uniform we all look the same!

In the words of my band director, the legendary Mike Leckrone,
See you real soon, and On Wisconsin!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Fun with Nature Passports!

With the school year winding down and summer unfolding ahead of us, are you looking for things to do outside with your family? Well, we have great news for you -- the 2013 Nature Net Passports are here!

This summer, romp with Ringo, the scavenging raccoon!
This summer, Nature Net would like to help you and your kids enjoy the sights and sounds of the season as you "Get Movin'" outside with Nature Passport! These free educational scavenger hunts are designed for parents and children to enjoy the wonderful resources that abound in Madison and surrounding areas -- the flexible format allows you to explore Nature Net's nature centers, parks, and museums on your own time all summer long. Complete fun activities, record your observations, and track your adventures by stamping your Nature Passport along the way.

Hike, sketch, climb, look for animal tracks, identify trees, and more! In addition to Fun Facts and Nature Records, each of the 17 Nature Net sites also include Movin' Missions - fun, healthy, physical activities to get you and your kids movin' together.

So how can you get your paws on a Nature Passport of your own? Visit any Nature Net Site and pick up a copy, request a few from us, or download and print your own, and you'll be romping with Ringo in no time!

Still have questions about Nature Net's Nature Passport? Read all the details on our website. Get movin' and have a great summer!