Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Summer at Nature Net

Hey all!

Hi! Nice to meet you!
This summer I had a blast! I was working with the fabulous Brenna to create and supply materials to parents and teachers to help kids get outside. It's one thing to write about kids getting active, and yet another to see it in action. Working above the summer camps at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center, everyday my inspiration was renewed afresh. There's just something about a shrieking, giggling, wild gaggle of 4-6-year-olds racing through the prairie or investigating at the pond that inspires a happy feeling, as if you were infused with helium.

My favorite part was during the PBS Kids Go Open House. Perhaps you saw me, I was the girl going around with a raccoon puppet on my art and speaking odes, in a squeaky voice, about garbage cans (and if anyone has pictures of this event, I would be ever so grateful for a copy, for I have none!). This summer has been such a marvelous adventure!

In addition to the open house, I was the one who sent out your Nature Passports and other assorted materials when you ordered them online (sorry for any delays!) and I contributed to issues of Nature Net News (check out the summer issues posted on this blog!). Also, we're just starting out our Family Nature Club program. It's a really good way to keep your kids outside, even in the non-summer months! I've put quite a lot of time into it, so please check it out and see if it's for you!

Alas, I wish I could stay forever, but this is my last week working for
Nature Net. Next week, I leave the country to go on a new adventure. So, farewell!

It's been a fun summer for me, I hope you have had one too.



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